Christmas 2023-24

Dear ALIPANC community,

From the Management Committee we do not want to end the year without thanking you very much
your contributions to the Alliance and to celebrate with you the collective successes of this year almost past.

During 2023, ALIPANC has achieved important milestones: from increasing the number of
and consolidate its structure – we are now an official association with 54 groups and more than 120 members.
researchers participating in the activities of the Alliance, with our WEB page and system.
financial in operation! – to launch and obtain funding for studies
collaborative projects in which several groups contribute; establishing agreements with organizations and
Spanish medical and research associations and European organizations to serve as a basis for the
for future collaborations; consolidate the program of monthly e-meetings with presentations
the work and scientific interests of the ALIPANC groups , as well as to promote a program of
seminars and scientific meetings that will further enhance the interests among the groups.

There are many of you who have dedicated time and effort to make it this far and WE THANK YOU SO MUCH!

ALIPANC is well on its way to meeting its objectives with the ultimate goal of carrying out research
of excellence in order to prevent and cure pancreatic cancer and improve patients’ lives.
with this disease.

We welcome the year 2024 with a firm commitment to advance scientific knowledge.
of pancreatic cancer.

Best wishes for 2024 and happy holidays to all!



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