Successful first scientific meeting of ALIPANC

The first scientific meeting of ALIPANC, organized by Alejo Efeyan (CNIO) took place on March 5, 2024 at the CNIO, with the attendance of 120 researchers from 36 groups distributed throughout Spain.

After a brief introduction by Núria Malats, the Opening Conference was given by Mariano Barbacid (CNIO) who presented his group’s studies aimed at inhibiting KRAS signaling in pancreatic cancer. Subsequently, 15 presentations were given by 15 groups on translational and clinical aspects of pancreatic cancer, followed by rounds of questions with a large participation. The day ended with a Closing Conference, given by Paco Sánchez-Madrid (Hospital de la Princesa, UAM and CNIC) who summarized the most important contributions of his group to the knowledge of the biology of the immunological synapse. The scientific discussions were also extended during the coffee breaks and lunches, fostering collaborations between the ALIPANC groups.

After this successful 1st scientific meeting, all that remains is to start working on the preparation of the 2nd meeting, the date and place of which will be discussed soon at the ALIPANC Management Committee.

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