Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology
Basic/translational research
Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO)
·Madrid ·

The vision and mission of the Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Group, Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), is to achieve personalized cancer prevention. Although we participate in projects on different cancers, our interests are focused on pancreatic and urinary bladder cancer. The scope of the research carried out by the Group ranges from the identification of etiological agents and mechanisms, to the translation of the findings for cancer prevention in the general population and for the clinical management of patients. We apply a wide variety of data, biomarkers, images and omics (molecular big data) that, in combination with state-of-the-art analytical tools and data integration methods allow us to identify risk factors, characterize genetic susceptibility patterns and cancer subtypes and, thus, define the population at risk of developing these cancers. In addition, we are involved in the evaluation of clinical and public health strategies for cancer control using genomic data.

Main publications in pancreatic cancer:

  1. López de Maturana E*, Rodríguez JA*, Alonso L,et al. A multilayered post-GWAS assessment on genetic susceptibility to pancreatic cancer. Genom Med 2021. (*co-first authors).
  2. Molina-Montes E, Coscia C, Gómez-Rubio P, et al. on behalf of the PanGenEU Study Investigators. Deciphering the complex interplay between pancreatic cancer, diabetes mellitus subtypes, and obesity/BMI through causal inference and mediation analyses. Gut 2021; 7:319-329.
  3. Kartal E*, Schmid TSB*, Molina-Montes E*,et al. A Fecal Microbiota Signature with High Specificity for Pancreatic Cancer. Gut 2022. (*co-first authors; **co-last authors). PMID: 35260444. GutTop Paper 2022.
Núria Malats
Alberto Langtry Yáñez

Principal Investigator

Group members

  • Núria Malats
  • Evangelina López de Maturana
  • Sergio Sabroso
  • Raquel Benítez
  • Lidia Estudillo
  • Lola Alonso
  • Brune de Dreuille
  • Carlos Castilla
  • Nannan Xue
  • Pablo Villoslada-Blanco
  • Maria Olano
  • Jiangchuan (Harry) He
  • Francisco Jurado
  • Alberto Langtry

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