Pancreatic Cancer (PANCCUN)
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University of Navarra Cancer Center
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PANCCUN includes the Oncogenes and Effector Targets group (OnTARGET) led by Dr. Silve Vicent and Dr. Mariano Ponz, as well as the Tumor Evasion and New Targets group led by Dr. Juan Dubrot. PANCCUN focuses on identifying new molecular targets in pancreatic cancer and cholangiocarcinoma, and discovering innovative therapeutic strategies aimed at improving their treatment. Complementarily, it seeks to understand the mechanisms intrinsic to the tumor cell and those related to the tumor microenvironment (TMA) by which tumors are able to resist and evade current treatments (chemotherapy, targeted therapies and immunotherapy).
Our studies are based on a multimodal approach that includes functional genomics techniques, single cell transcriptomics, mouse genetics, in vitro and xenograft models, and analysis of human cancer samples and clinical parameters. In addition, we work with organoids (3D organotypic culture) of primary human and murine cells, as well as cell lines.

From the clinical-care point of view, we have a multidisciplinary group with extensive experience in molecular diagnostics (CIMALABS, cytopathology), hepatobiliary surgery (arterial resection in PDAC, laparoscopy), echoendoscopy (for example, obtaining samples for EMT studies), endocrine/nutrition oncology, and radiotherapy (including protons).
We have clinical trials for PDAC in 1L and 2L. Also availability of early trials with different types of drugs (targeted, immuno…) with cohorts in PDAC. We also have proprietary industry-funded trials in PDAC, with significant translational burden on patient samples.

The group is associated with CIBERonc (CB16/12/00443), the European network PRECODE (Pancreatic Cancer Organoids) and the European Network for the Study of Cholangiocarcinoma (ENSCCA).

Main publications in pancreatic cancer:

  1. Erice O, Narayanan S, Feliu I, et al. LAMC2 Regulates Key Transcriptional and Targetable Effectors to Support Pancreatic Cancer Growth. Clin Cancer Res. 2023 Mar 14;29(6):1137-1154. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-22-0794.
  2. Dubrot J, Du P, Lane-Reticker SK, et al. In vivo CRISPR screens reveal the landscape of immune evasion pathways across cancer. Nat Immunol. 2022 Oct;23(10):1495-1506. doi: 10.1038/s41590-022-01315-x.
  3. Bockorny B, Semenisty V, Macarulla T, et al. BL-8040, a CXCR4 antagonist, in combination with pembrolizumab and chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer: the COMBAT trial. Nat Med. 2020 Jun;26(6):878-885. doi: 10.1038/s41591-020-0880-x.
Dr. Silve Vicent

Principal Investigator

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  • Silve Vicent
  • Mariano Ponz
  • Juan Dubrot

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